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Backyard Eats with Franklin BBQ

tastingbuds offers a delicious sneak peak of Franklin BBQ, a new trailer on the I-35 north access road, slated to open in October.   

Tuesday September 29, 2009 by  tastingbuds

When Peter and I walked up to the Franklin BBQ preview party last weekend, I was delighted with what I saw. The lot, which had looked like a construction site on my first visit, had been transformed into a cute backyard with picnic tables, small paper lanterns, and shade trees. The recently renovated trailer stood in front of a gigantic BBQ pit/smoker. We each got a beer from the keg, and Peter returned from the trailer with an overflowing tray that we shared among friends.

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Comments (2)
embyorg on 09/30/09

Can't wait to try this place. Looks great.

elsigh on 09/30/09

What a feast!

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