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Derrick Sky Vegan Chocolates
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Cookie at Tiff's Treats, photo by bighousepink
Avg. Review
Cookie at Tiff's Treats

1806 Nueces St, Austin, TX (3 miles away)
(512) 473-2600

I work in the Uptown area of Dallas, and my co-workers and I will sometimes order Tiff's Treats and have them delivered to ourselves on particularly stressful days, and they're just that - treats. They're more…   [18 reviews]

Tags: cookie  chocolate  chip  warm  delivery  fresh  dessert  edit
Green Chile Pork Taco at Torchy's Taco's, photo by poco-cocoa
Avg. Review
Green Chile Pork Taco at Torchy's Taco's

1207 S 1st St, Austin, TX (1 miles away)
(512) 445-6599

I love this taco... but I like to ask for it without onions, as I'm not a raw onion fan. Anyway, the pork is super tender and flavorful... corn tortillas are the way to go for this one. more…   [11 reviews]

Tags: green  chile  pork  cilantro  goat  cheese  lime  edit
Battered French fries at Hyde Park Bar and Grill, photo by laura
Avg. Review
Battered French fries at Hyde Park Bar and Grill

4206 Duval St, Austin, TX (4.8 miles away)
(512) 458-3168

Not a fan. Don't like battered fries in general, and thought the sauce was just 'meh' ~ Give me a classic fry with a really garlicky aioli. more…   [10 reviews]

Tags: fries  potato  edit
BBQ Sauce at The Salt Lick, photo by elsigh
Avg. Review
BBQ Sauce at The Salt Lick

18001 Fm 1826, Driftwood, TX (16.6 miles away)
(512) 858-4959

I will put a bendy straw into the bottle and drink this sauce. It also goes great on the following: meat of any kind fish salads plain rice butternut squash Yes, it's that good. more…   [9 reviews]

Tags: barbecue  sauce  edit
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Avg. Review
Avocado Margarita at Curra's Grill

614 E Oltorf St, Austin, TX (1 miles away)
(512) 444-0012

If I could give a higher score then a 10 I would! Amazing! Perfect for the "food lovers soul" as well as the "Liquor Lovers soul" I eat an avocado a day and I will admit that this sounded strange, but more…   [8 reviews]

Tags: margarita  avocado  edit

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