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Fajita Enchiladas at Maudie's Milagro, photo by swalterd
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Fajita Enchiladas at Maudie's Milagro

3801 N Capital Of Texas Hwy Ste H200, Austin, TX (6.9 miles away)
(512) 306-8080

I love the beef Fajita Enchiladas. Get them with the chile con carne sauce to up your beef quotient. The fajita beef is nicely spiced and cooked with sauteed onions then wrapped in a fresh corn tortilla. more…   [1 review]

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BBQ Pork / BBQ Duck Combination at Din Ho Chinese Bar-B-Q

8557 Research Blvd # 116, Austin, TX (8.7 miles away)
(512) 832-8788

Din Ho is a very good Chinese restaurant, but I have found their BBQ to be somewhat inconsistent. There are times I have gone and it has been sweet, tender and hot, and times when I have gone and it was more…   [2 reviews]

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Roasted Green Chile Queso at Lambert's Downtown Barbecue

401 W 2nd St, Austin, TX, 78701 (1.9 miles away)
(512) 494-1500

Here in the land where queso is ubiquitous (and mostly forgettable), the rich, flavorful version at Lambert's stands out. The molten, creamy mixture is thick with white cheeses and a generous amount of more…   [1 review]

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Gelati at Damian Mandola's Italian Market

4700 Guadalupe St Ste 12, Austin, TX (5.3 miles away)
(512) 419-9700

The delicious and flavorful gelati served up by the friendly counterstaff at Mandola's Italian Market is made on the premises from fresh ingredients, unlike the gelati served at several other well-known more…   [1 review]

Tags: gelato  edit
Horchata at Taquerias Arandas, photo by elsigh
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Horchata at Taquerias Arandas

2448 S 1st St, Austin, TX (0.3 miles away)
(512) 707-0887

Flowing in the big tea-style circulator at Arandas is the sweet, cinamony, rice-milk concoction known as horchata. Arandas' version is light - some I've tried are sort of syrupy or thick the way soy milk more…   [1 review]

Tags: rice  milk  drink  edit

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