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Steam Bun at Tam Deli & Cafe, photo by elsigh
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Steam Bun at Tam Deli & Cafe

8222 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX (8.2 miles away)
(512) 834-6458

I thought Chinese Dim Sum steamed buns were awesome. Then I tried the Vietnamese style bun at Tam's. I am forever into this bready, awesome bun, filled with a hard-boiled egg, meatball, a sliver of homemade more…   [1 review]

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No. 2: Cheeseburger at Top Notch Restaurant

7525 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX (7.7 miles away)
(512) 452-2181

Maybe it's because they cook my burger in front of me over charcoal. Maybe it's because the whole place is kept spotless. Maybe it's because I could drive-in (not "thru"), park my car next to an intercom more…   [1 review]

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Brisket at Kreuz Market

619 N Colorado St, Lockhart, TX (25 miles away)
(512) 398-2361

In the insanely competitive bbq market of central Texas, Kreuz Market has some of the best brisket you can eat. No sauce, none needed. This brisket is about the same as Smitty's (Lockhart) as well. Apparently more…   [1 review]

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Chalupa at Taco Shack

4002 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX (4.7 miles away)
(512) 467-8533

I love me a Taco Shack Chalupa, 'cause I have a small appetite, and it fits me just right. A crispy tortilla slathered with beans, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. It's like a Taco Bell "tostada," but done more…   [1 review]

Tags: chalupa  taco  Mexican  edit
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"Corndog" Shrimp at Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill

303 Red River St, Austin, TX (2.2 miles away)
(512) 236-9599

Housed in oldest buidling in Austin (built in 1850), this historic, homey restaurant serves playful takes on traditional comfort food. When it comes to appetizers, nothing beats the “Corndog” Shrimp’ more…   [1 review]

Tags: shrimp  corndog  American  appetizer  edit

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