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Summer Swizzle at East Side Show Room, photo by poco-cocoa
Avg. Review
Summer Swizzle at East Side Show Room

1100 E 6th St, Austin, TX, 78702 (2.6 miles away)
(512) 467-4280

Boodles, Strega, Aperol, lemon, St. Germain, cucumber and strawberry... this such a light, refreshing drink! The cucumber adds a nice flavor to the mix. more…   [1 review]

Tags: beverage  gin  edit
Frozen Sangria at El Chilito, photo by frances
Avg. Review
Frozen Sangria at El Chilito

2219 Manor Rd, Austin, TX, 78722 (4 miles away)
(512) 382-3797

It's sangria and it's frozen. What more can I say? The slushy consistency is great ... haha! It's so good, please get it. more…   [1 review]

Tags: sangria  Frozen  beverage  edit
Hibiscus Lemonade at Quack's 43rd Street Bakery, photo by frances
Avg. Review
Hibiscus Lemonade at Quack's 43rd Street Bakery

411 E 43rd St, Austin, TX (4.9 miles away)
(512) 453-3399

A good replacement for coffee if you are not a coffee drinker or if you aren't feeling like drinking coffee. It looks really cool before you mix it. Tastewise, I think it could have used more lemonade.. more…   [1 review]

Tags: hibiscus  lemonade  beverage  drink  tea  edit

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