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Zax Eggs at Zax Pints & Plates

312 Barton Springs Rd, Austin, TX (1.5 miles away)
(512) 481-0100

Great treat for a relaxing weekend brunch! Everyone deserves to start the day this way! more…   [2 reviews]

Tags: crab cake  egg  hollandaise  brunch  edit
Straight Plate at Maudie's Too, photo by hamburgler
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Straight Plate at Maudie's Too

1212 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX (0.8 miles away)
(512) 440-8088

These picadillo enchiladas topped with an over-easy egg and double rice are undoubtedly the best cure for a Saturday night hangover! more…   [2 reviews]

Tags: enchilada  cheese  Tex-Mex  egg  edit
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#31 House Special Noodle at Tan My

1601 Ohlen Rd, Austin, TX, 78758 (8.9 miles away)

Thin egg noodles with bbq pork, crispy shrimp, fishcake, chicken, lettuce, green onions, chives in chicken stock. Very simple dish, made very right. The chewy curly egg noodles and the aromatic chicken more…   [1 review]

Tags: Vietnamese  egg  noodle  soup  edit
The Buenos Dias at The Trailer @ Gibson Bar, photo by poco-cocoa
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The Buenos Dias at The Trailer @ Gibson Bar

1109 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX, 78704 (0.9 miles away)
(512) 386-1345

An all-beef hot dog split and seared, wrapped in bacon, and topped with cheese and a FRIED EGG. Yes, people, I said a fried egg on top. OF THE HOT DOG. Oh, this was so good. I couldn’t believe how perfectly more…   [1 review]

Tags: hot  dog  egg  cheese  fries  edit
Migas at Camino Real Restaurant, photo by threestar40
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Migas at Camino Real Restaurant

8660 Spicewood Springs Rd, Austin, TX (13.2 miles away)
(512) 335-5517

In Texas, migas is a traditional breakfast dish in Tex-Mex cuisine. Originally eaten during Lent, this meatless dish consists of egg scrambled and sauteed together in butter or oil with torn strips of more…   [1 review]

Tags: Tex-Mex  egg  edit

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