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Dirty Sanchez Taco at Torchy's Taco's, photo by silentmeow
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Dirty Sanchez Taco at Torchy's Taco's

1207 S 1st St, Austin, TX (1 miles away)
(512) 445-6599

This is one of my MOST favorite dishes in town. The first time I tried it, I had it three days in a row! However, the combination of flavors is the bomb! Genius. Try it with their queso and diablo sauce more…   [2 reviews]

Tags: taco  dirty sanchez  egg  poblano  escabeche carrot  guacamole  cheese  tortilla  edit
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Kao Soi at Madam Mam's Noodles & More

2514 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX (3.5 miles away)
(512) 472-8306

um, yeah. I totally agree with Tom. This is my favorite dish at Madam Mam's. I actually just had it for dinner tonight. By itself, it's a little on the "sweet" side for me (extreme chilihead here), more…   [2 reviews]

Tags: Thai  red curry  soup  egg  noodles  edit
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Bacon, egg and potato taco at Little Mexico Restaurant

2304 S 1st St, Austin, TX (0.4 miles away)
(512) 462-2188

They serve the whole piece of bacon intact. Superb! more…   [1 review]

Tags: taco  bacon  egg  potato  edit
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Huevos con Chorizo at Taquerias Arandas

2448 S 1st St, Austin, TX (0.3 miles away)
(512) 707-0887

These came out great without alot of visible grease. Also you can order this and coffee for under five bucks. more…   [1 review]

Tags: chorizo  egg  edit
Tofu Ramen at Banzai Restaurant, photo by poco-cocoa
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Tofu Ramen at Banzai Restaurant

3914 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX (4.7 miles away)
(512) 323-2151

This is my current favorite comfort food. I probably go to Banzai and eat this at least once a week (and often twice). The broth is simple and yummy, the ramen always al dente, the eggs are always perfectly more…   [1 review]

Tags: soup  ramen  noodles  egg  tofu  edit

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