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Sushi (unagi, yellowtail, tuna, squid) at I heart Sushi, photo by ExMachina
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Sushi (unagi, yellowtail, tuna, squid) at I heart Sushi

917 Sunset St, Denton, TX
(940) 891-6060

Out of this world!! We had little to no expectation of this place going in. Boy we were wrong. The waitress was friendly and the sushi chef was outstanding. The sushi here was godly. The unagi was fresh more…   [1 review]

Tags: sushi  tuna  unagi  udon  yakisoba  squid  edit
Calamari at Busaba Eathai, photo by tom
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Calamari at Busaba Eathai

106 Wardour St, London, GB

I second that! This is the best squid in London, nay THE WORLD. Seriously, I go to the restaurant for the sole purpose of ordering the Thai Calamari. Perfect. more…   [2 reviews]

Tags: calamari  squid  fried  Thai  edit
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Seafood Paella at Freda's Seafood Grille

10903 Pecan Park Blvd, Austin, TX
(512) 506-8700

Hands down the best Seafood Paella I've ever had. Perfect level of heat, impossible to take a bite without at least two different meats, the risotto was exactly right. The white meat chicken was juicy more…   [1 review]

Tags: seafood  paella  shrimp  sausage  squid  chicken  edit
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Sea Garden Squid Salad at Sushi Zushi of 5th Street

1611 West 5th Street, Austin, TX
(512) 474-7000

My boyfriend and I enjoyed this Thursday Happy Hour special immensely, what a bargain! Not having tried seaweed salad before we weren't sure if we would like it, but it was delicious. Slightly sweet sesame more…   [1 review]

Tags: Japanese  squid  seaweed  salad  edit
Fried Calamari at Apple Annies Cafe Bakery, photo by poco-cocoa
Divine Dish
Divine Dish
Fried Calamari at Apple Annies Cafe Bakery

319 Congress Ave, Austin, TX
(512) 472-1884

Fried calamari is usually a safe bet for an appetizer, but this one shines a little brighter than the rest... tossed in with the squid are rings of pepperoncini peppers and very thinly sliced lemon. I've more…   [1 review]

Tags: squid  lemon  pepperoncini  edit

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