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Derrick Sky Vegan Chocolates
Battered French fries at Hyde Park Bar and Grill, photo by laura
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Battered French fries
Hyde Park Bar and Grill

4206 Duval St Austin, TX
(512) 458-3168

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  1. Score 5

    Not a fan. Don't like battered fries in general, and thought the sauce was just 'meh' ~ Give me a classic fry with a really garlicky aioli.

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  2. Score 4

    Probably the most common pick for best fries in Austin. I don't get it. Bland taste and mediocre texture. I like both regular and battered fries, but these were disappointing. I recommend NXNW's garlic fries over these any day.

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  3. Score 5

    They are alright fries--I thought they were overhyped.

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    jamysama26 on 10/29/09

    These were so nasty! Maybe I got a bad batch!!!

  4. Score 9

    I don't even like potatoes that much. And I always tell myself I'm not gonna eat those fries. But I always do, with the sauce plus some ketchup.

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  5. Score 3

    I've lived here for years and listened to many rants about how great these are but I just don't get it. They are always limp and mostly flavorless until you dip them in the sauce, which I also don't find that exciting. But as another reviewer said, I'll gladly steal a few from a friends plate if they're there.... can't resist even a mediocre fry.

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    tastytouring on 05/27/09

    I can't resist a mediocre fry either but I think I could easily pass these up.

    adamholz on 05/27/09

    you're right but sometimes my brain needs a reminder from my mouth.

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