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Clay Pit

1601 Guadalupe St Austin, TX
(512) 322-5131

Tags: Indian  edit
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  1. Score 10

    Yes! I agree with the other reviews....awesome dish! Before I ordered, I asked the waiter his opinion because I couldn't decide between khuroos-e-tursh or tamarind coconut shrimp. Both sounded equally delicious and I was sooo hungry. The waiter said both ARE great, and he mentioned khuroos-e-tursh is very popular, always satisfying. I ordered it, and.....simply divine! Chicken cooked perfectly, the spinach mix is tasty, and oh, don't waste a bit of that cream sauce. Can't wait to try the tamarind shrimp!

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    frances on 11/16/09

    omg i have to go back now and try this. i can't break away from the tikka masala, i'm so unoriginal! haha. but the comments on this dish are too tantalizing.

  2. Score 10

    We went to a holiday part at Clay Pit, too stuffed from earlier parties to think about partaking of the buffet. But then I saw khuroosh-y-tursh. This is among the best dishes in the city...I had to eat some more.

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  3. Score 10

    It's so hard to not order this everytime I go to The Clay Pit. Luckily, my girlfriend usually does, so I can be adventurous and still eat some off of her plate.

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  4. Score 10

    This dish is like a drug. The creamy sauce, the almonds, the spices and the perfect sized and always consistent cutlets of chicken stuffed with greens are to die for. When finished, might I suggest sopping up the sauce with Naan?!

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    snax on 02/15/07

    This review was right on!

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