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Suppli at Enoteca, photo by BethGoulart
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1610 S Congress Ave Austin, TX
(512) 326-4411

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  1. Score 9

    I agree that they are sometimes not quite hot enough, but most of the time they are perfect. They taste just like they do in Italy!

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  2. Score 10

    Happily, our suppli were hot and saucy - what's not to love?! Seriously, folks, deep-frying just about anything makes it better. And the addition of the excellent arrabbiata (slightly spicy, fresh tomato sauce) to this dish made these crispy risotto balls especially great.

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  3. Score 10

    I really can't say more than what "elsigh" said except that my Suppli always come out hot. Therefore, I must give it Dishola! Sometimes I go to Enoteca just for the Suppli. You get four in a bowl and it's perfect for two people. If you have to share it with four people you might be left wanting more, but you'll live because the main dishes at Enoteca are divine as well. Make sure you top your Suppli with the red sauce. Delicious!

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  4. Score 9

    Like mozzarella sticks for grown-ups, these delectable balls of risotto with mozzarella are deep fried, served on a bed of spicy tomato sauce (arrabiata) and topped with pecorino and parsley. Occasionally, they are not quite hot enough on the inside, otherwise they'd be a total Dishola in my book. Nonetheless, we always indulge in an order of these awesome treats when we visit Enoteca.

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