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Derrick Sky Vegan Chocolates
Fried Calamari at Apple Annies Cafe Bakery, photo by poco-cocoa
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Divine Dish
Divine Dish
Fried Calamari
Apple Annies Cafe Bakery

319 Congress Ave Austin, TX
(512) 472-1884

Tags: squid  lemon  pepperoncini  edit
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  1. Score 10

    Fried calamari is usually a safe bet for an appetizer, but this one shines a little brighter than the rest... tossed in with the squid are rings of pepperoncini peppers and very thinly sliced lemon. I've never had fried lemon before, but I can't wait to have it again. Served with a simple aioli.

    Comments (4)
    OMNIVORE on 11/04/09

    Can I just say HELL YES to the above reviewer? This is the best calamari i've ever had. DISHOLA!

    elsigh on 11/04/09

    wow, maybe this should be considered for a Divine Dish - it sounds like a simple but elegant addition that might blow away other calamaris...

    laura on 11/04/09

    Such a beautiful photo as well..I think this is definitely divine-dish worthy!

    princesskd on 12/17/09

    You should try the mesquite calamari at MAX'S

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