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Derrick Sky Vegan Chocolates
Hand-Picked Live Maine Lobster Roll at Yankee Pier, photo by kblood
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Hand-Picked Live Maine Lobster Roll
Yankee Pier

378 Santana Row San Jose, CA, 95128

Tags: lobster  roll  sandwiches  chips  Yankee  Pier  edit
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  1. Score 8

    Expensive, but worth it every once in a while... Served cold with Kettle Chips.

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    elsigh on 11/19/09

    So is this like you pick a lobster from a tank and then end up with this? I'm trying to grok the name...

    kblood on 11/19/09

    I think it refers to the meat being pulled out of the shells by the hands of the kitchen crew ;-)

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