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Screaming Orgasm at Tomo Sushi, photo by silentmeow
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Divine Dish
Divine Dish
Screaming Orgasm
Tomo Sushi

4101 W Parmer Ln Ste E Austin, TX, 78727
(512) 821-9472

Tags: sushi  tuna  Japanese  sashimi  edit
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  1. Score 10

    I agree with all. This is one of the best sashimi dishes I've ever had. The sauce is flavorful and the fish is fresh. You'll be craving this one after you've tried it.

    Update: On a recent visit they were serving this dish with salmon instead of tuna. It was just as good as the tuna version.

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  2. Score 10

    "Moan-worthy" indeed. This absolutely qualifies as a dishola "Divine Dish"!

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  3. Score 10

    If an orgasm screams in a strip-mall in North Austin with no one to hear it, then does it make a sound? The answer to this riddle is unequivocally yes!! This little mountain of tantalizingness is the perfect way to start out your meal at Tomo. As embyorg pointed out, the pleasure and the value are well worth your time and money. If you haven't been to Tomo, go now neophyte, unless it is a Sunday, because it is closed.

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  4. Score 10

    So, based on the Dishola reviews, I had to try this one. Wow. I am impressed. It is a special version of Tuna Tataki that makes the perfect appetizer in my opinion. The portions of fish are generous enough to share with your special friend, and the inside of the mound is filled with very fresh, crunchy diakon... but that's a good thing because the sauce is so freakin' delicious, you are thrilled to have a shredded, tasteless vehicle to mop as much sauce onto your tongue as possible while still minding your manners.

    There are little masagos and scallions sprinkled on top. I asked our waitress what was in the *divine* sauce and was told it was a "secret" and she made the pinching motion with her right hand as if to say, "you are crossing dangerous territory with that question and better shut up now, little naive gaijin." All I can say is that it is tangy in a citrus way, creamy in a Japanese mayo way, and very very smooth. There was lots of it too, so I felt like my money was well-spent.

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    laura on 12/30/07

    This review was right on!

  5. Score 9

    Very daring and interesting dish. The combination of the daikon radishes and tuna slices with the very citrusy mayo-based spicy sauce will push (if not get close to) your palette to a...uhm... dare i say, gastronomical climax? ;-)
    Haven't been disappointed with anything from Tomo yet.

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Screaming Orgasm at Tomo Sushi Austin, TX