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Chinese Hack Salad at 34th Street Cafe, photo by laura
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Chinese Hack Salad
34th Street Cafe

1005 W 34th St Austin, TX
(512) 371-3400

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  1. Score 8

    It's easy to forget about 34th Street Cafe for lunch (removed as it is from the bustle of downtown), but whenever I remember it, I'm happy to visit.
    In addition to large, filling, and tasty lunch specials, they offer an array of interesting lunch salads. One of my favorites is this Chines Hack salad, loaded with Napa cabbage, wontons, and big chunks of chicken. It's served with a salty soy sesame dressing and sweet chili sauce.
    Yes, I know this dish is super California-circa-1985, but I'm glad someone in town still serves it. :)

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  2. Score 9

    Ditto on this review. Note that this salad is also on the menu at 34th Street's sister restaurant, the Blue Star Cafeteria. Yum!

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  3. Score 10

    Fabulous! First time I had it was to-go and it was great. This time I tried in house and it was even better! Highly recommend this tasty treat!

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    hungry hippo on 12/21/07

    This review was right on!

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