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Doña Sauce at Tacodeli, photo by austineater
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Doña Sauce

1500 Spyglass Dr Austin, TX
(512) 732-0303

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  1. Score 10

    Can't endorse it enough. I buy a 16oz. take home container EVERY week. I put it on everything. On pizza? Awesome. In a Bloody Mary? Yep. On sushi? Sure. On a banana? Okay, that wasn't so good, but it was the banana's fault.

    It keeps pretty well, and gets progressively hotter over 5 days. By the end of the container, eating it is like having bees in your brain.

    It goes to 11.

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  2. Score 9

    What a fantastic sauce. Yes, it is hot, but worth all the pain.

    There is no dairy in this sauce! It's made from serranos and olive oil blended into an emulsion.

    This one is a must try - Tacodeli's 3-4 sauces are all amazing.

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  3. Score 10

    oh man, if i could get a straw and drink this sauce, i honestly might. i have been known to dip my finger in the little paper containers, making sure i get the very last bits.

    it is hot. it will clear out your sinuses like you would not believe. but it is so worth it, and you could technically consider it a form of naturopathic medicine the next time you have a cold...

    i am not sure what is in it, other than YUM.

    i love it so.

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    embyorg on 12/12/08

    right on

  4. Score 10

    This sauce is simply amazing. You should know that it is quite spicy, so it might take a little getting used to. I remember when I first started eating it, my stomach would burn for a few hours after my meal. I have since built up a tolerance and now feel no burn. Is that a good thing? Nevermind. This sauce tastes so good. I would drink it as a smoothy for breakfast if I didn't think my intestines would melt. More practically, I dip and pour this stuff on any (and every) taco. Especially the chicken fundidos. Oh yea, I dip chips in it too. It is avocado green, but don't let that fool you. With a wasabi-esque wolf-in-sheep's-clothing trickery, this mild-looking salsa has a brute force behind its flavors. It is creamy, smooth, honestly, I have no idea what the ingredients are. Jalapeños for sure. Sour cream maybe. And some sort of magic green deliciousness. I'd love to know if anyone has a better idea than myself on what is in this stuff. I heard you can buy it at the farmer's market. I guess I should get my butt over there.

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